Many castings must be pressure tight to be functional.

However, in spite of all of the measures taken, there will always be porosity due to lack of material compacting.

Porosity causes:

  • Small fluid leaks
  • Bleed-out
  • Substrate defects

Our impregnation centre employing Loctite anaerobic resins has been on the market for a long time, with a cold process capable of sealing casting porosity and micro porosity in aluminium, cast iron, brass and sintered part. The greatest advantage compared to pre-existing systems is our resin’s self-curing capability at room temperature, which prevents bleed-out and guarantees greater sealing capability.

Our equipment allows the resin to thoroughly and deeply penetrate at proper vacuum level. The Loctite impregnation system allows excellent resistance to fluids and chemicals such as oils, solvents, gases, fuels at up to 250° (see “product characteristics”).

Our impregnation method eliminates the surface defects that usually compromise the final quality of the part during chemical surface treatments such as galvanizing, painting, chrome plating and anodizing. Thanks to the new impregnation line, we are capable of guaranteeing just-in-time production with planned daily batches.