Tapered and parallel threads can be sealed permanently, such as on screws, studs, nuts, dowels, fittings, caps and ring nuts.

The treatment facilitates assembly, assures instant seal and also allows for easy disassembly.

We have carried out this treatment at our facilities since 1996, and considering demands by our automotive clients for quality, this year we have extended ISO 9001:2008 certification to this operation. The sealants we apply are Henkel 5061, more appropriate for water fittings, and 516, which is resistant to diesel and other fuels.

Loctite 516 sealant data sheet
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Loctite 5061 sealant data sheet
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DRI-SEAL® terms of sale
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P.A. System sealing treatments

P.A. System was founded thanks to the development and application of Henkel Loctite technology in pre-treatment of threaded joints, allowing technical experts to development new applications.

P.A. System shares Loctite’s mission to resolve customer problems.

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